The Epic Feud Between Stephen Colbert And Josh Hawley

GOP Sen. Josh Hawley joins Trumpfueled push to object to Biden
GOP Sen. Josh Hawley joins Trumpfueled push to object to Biden from

The Epic Feud Between Stephen Colbert and Josh Hawley

Background of The Feud

Late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert has had a long-running feud with Senator Josh Hawley since the 2020 presidential election. Both men have engaged in a war of words, with each making the other the butt of their jokes. The two have gone back and forth on Twitter and on their respective TV shows, with Colbert often taking the lead and Hawley responding in kind.

Hawley’s Unpopular Objection to Electoral College Results

The feud began when Hawley became the first senator to object to the Electoral College results of the 2020 presidential election. The move was widely seen as a political stunt, as it was highly unlikely that Hawley’s objection would have any effect on the outcome. Nevertheless, it drew the ire of Colbert, who took to Twitter to call out Hawley for his “disgusting, anti-democratic” behavior.

Hawley’s Response to Colbert’s Criticism

Hawley responded to Colbert’s criticism by taking to Twitter himself and accusing the late-night host of being a “partisan hack” and a “propagandist.” He also accused Colbert of being “obsessed” with him and of “trying to cancel anyone who disagrees with him.” This back-and-forth went on for several weeks and eventually spilled over onto the late-night hosts’ respective TV shows.

Colbert’s Latest Salvo

In February 2021, Colbert took aim at Hawley once again, this time on his show. He accused Hawley of “playing a dangerous game” and of being “complicit in a lie about the election that fueled the attack on the Capitol.” He also called Hawley’s actions “anti-American.” Hawley responded by accusing Colbert of being a “partisan hack” and a “propagandist” yet again.

The War of Words Continues

The feud between Colbert and Hawley continues to this day, with both men taking jabs at each other on social media and their respective shows. While Colbert has largely been seen as the aggressor in this war of words, Hawley has not shied away from responding in kind. It remains to be seen how long this feud will last, but it certainly appears to be far from over.