Luke Wilson And Drew Barrymore: Still Going Strong In 2023

Hollywood star Drew Barrymore and her boyfriends, husbands and kids
Hollywood star Drew Barrymore and her boyfriends, husbands and kids from

Luke Wilson and Drew Barrymore: Still Going Strong in 2023

It’s been nearly two decades since the two superstars, Luke Wilson and Drew Barrymore, first co-starred together in the cult classic ‘Charlie’s Angels’. Fast forward to 2023, and the two still remain close friends and collaborators.

A Long and Enduring Friendship

Luke and Drew first met when they were filming ‘Charlie’s Angels’ in 2002. The two formed an instant connection and have worked together on multiple projects since then. They have been described as ‘keeping a close eye on each other’s careers.’

Their Most Recent Project

In 2021, the pair co-starred in the Netflix original movie ‘The Christmas Pact’. The movie was an instant hit, with viewers praising the chemistry between the two stars. Both Luke and Drew received glowing reviews for their performances.

What’s Next for the Dynamic Duo?

Luke and Drew have always been open to the idea of working together again. In an interview in 2021, Luke said, “I would love to work with Drew again. We have a great time together.” Drew echoed his sentiment, saying, “Luke is one of my favorite people to work with. We have so much fun together.”

A Lasting Legacy

It’s clear that Luke and Drew will continue to work together in the future. They have always had a strong bond and they have created some truly memorable films over the years. Here’s to many more collaborations between these two legendary stars!