Learn how to Unstick Rice From the Bottom of Your Pot to Attach Dinner


Learn how to Unstick Rice From the Bottom of Your Pot to Attach Dinner

Cooking rice can generally be a cosmopolitan task. If not carried out staunch, you can well pause up with a burned backside and a sticky mess. Fortuitously, with about a easy steps, you can well web unstuck and set dinner.

1. Take away the Pot from Warmth

The first and most important step is to comprehend the pot off the warmth. You don’t want to proceed to cook the rice as it will merely construct it tougher to web unstuck.

2. Add Water and Vinegar

As soon as the pot has been removed from warmth, the next step is to add water and vinegar.

    • Secure the pot with ¼ whisk of water.


    • Add 1 ½ tablespoons of vinegar.


This combination works to lend a hand demolish up the rice and launch it from the backside of your pot.

3. Give it Time

Let the pot sit for no less than 10 minutes to permit the vinegar and water combination to in actuality penetrate and dissolve the rice particles.

4. Pickle it Off

As soon as the time is up, utilize a wood spoon to in moderation anguish the rice off. If some of it aloof obtained’t attain off, possess the pot with a bit more water and vinegar and let it sit for an extra 5 minutes sooner than searching to anguish it off all over again.

5. Rinse and Lend a hand

As soon as the rice is off, rinse off the vinegar and water combination. Then, you’re ready to inspire your tasty dinner.


So, the next time you kill up with a pot caught with rice, don’t despair. You would possibly perchance with out downside set dinner with these easy steps. Correct success!