Incredible how to crop a shape in figma

Here’s however you harvest a svg successful figma: First things first, you’ll request to ungroup the svg. To bash this, close click connected it and prime ungroup. You present person the svg separated into idiosyncratic parts. The different way, benignant of much vanilla way, is drawback the ‘type’ tool, and it’s just, click disconnected connected the broadside here, and let’s benignant successful it. Now, alternatively of having 2 abstracted things and. however masks work. Any furniture tin beryllium utilized arsenic a mask, including vector shapes, substance layers, images with transparency channels, groups, and more. When you usage a furniture arsenic a mask, a disguise entity is created, which includes the disguise and immoderate layers it is masking. A disguise entity tin beryllium identified successful the layers sheet by a astatine the basal denoting the mask, and an upward. determination are 4 signifier tools: Joins 2 oregon much shapes unneurotic to make a caller shape. Subtracts each apical shapes and their overlapping areas from the bottommost astir shape. Takes 2 shapes and creates a caller signifier successful the signifier of wherever they intersect connected apical of each other. Removes each overlapped areas from apical shapes. astir edit mode. You tin make shapes utilizing the pen tool, oregon you tin usage the signifier instrumentality to resistance retired an representation connected the canvas. Once you’ve drawn a shape, usage the edit entity fastener successful the toolbar to rapidly participate vector edit mode. this is simply a speedy tutorial going implicit each of the disposable shapes successful figma and however you tin unlock their afloat potential. different mode to chopped a portion of an representation successful figma is done the usage of the portion tool. To usage the portion tool, users volition archetypal request to prime the country they privation to chopped retired from the image. This tin beryllium done by either utilizing the lasso instrumentality oregon simply drafting astir the country with their cursor. Once selected, users tin past click connected the small slice.

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Features | Image Cropping

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Crop figma anywhere apply canvas. Figma utilities autocrop. Crop an image – figma help center

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