Deconstructing ‘The Twitter Info’

Deconstructing ‘The Twitter Info’

The Twitter Info is a engaging peek into the braintrust of over 3,000 of basically the most influential and high-profile Twitter customers. It offers an tantalizing insight into their tweeting habits, likes and the conversations they were having over the years.

Background Knowledge

The Twitter Info is the brainchild of @Digiminds, a files-pushed analytics company essentially based in Silicon Valley. The usage of Natural Language Processing and advanced algorithms, they were ready to mine the Twitter accounts of over 3,000 people in conjunction with presidents, celebrities, and other influential figures.

Key Insights

The Twitter Info provides an tantalizing inform of insights into the secure habits of those people. Right here are about a of the well-known findings:

  • Mentions: Mentions of foremost brands were up 2.6x since April 2015.
  • Issues: Nationwide politics and world affairs were the end subject issues talked about, comprising 37% and 33% respectively.
  • Tweets: The bulk of tweets were related to both sure or neutral sentiment.


The Twitter Info provides a priceless insight into the habits and conversations of about a of basically the most influential Twitter customers. It sheds light on the subject issues which might be fundamental to these people, the brands they’re talking about, and the sentiment of their tweets. That is a treasured resource for any person having a explore to realize insight into the internal workings of the Twitter world.