All the pieces You Grasp to Know About the Adidas vs. Thom Browne Trademark Case

Adidas vs. Thom Browne Trademark Case

The dispute between Adidas and Thom Browne is a mighty case for trademark law. Filed in December 2017, the case involves two high-profile garments and footwear corporations – Adidas and Thom Browne – and the functionality overlapping of their trademarks in the US.


  • Adidas is the most sensible sportswear manufacturing company in Europe.
  • Thom Browne is an American dressmaker.
  • Adidas sells garments and footwear with three stripes, which is the company’s signature trademark.
  • Thom Browne also sells garments with three stripes.
  • Adidas sued Thom Browne in December 2017, alleging that its three-striped trademark used to be being infringed.
  • The case used to be filed in the Central District Court docket of California.


The case used to be at the birth brushed aside in February 2018 on account of lack of evidence that Thom Browne used to be infringing the Adidas trademark. On the opposite hand, Adidas therefore filed an amended complaint in July 2018.

In October 2018, CDECA granted Adidas’ motion for a preliminary injunction in opposition to Thom Browne. CDECA found that Adidas had adequately confirmed its likelihood of success on the deserves of its claim and that it had a likelihood of irreparable injure if the injunction used to be no longer granted. CDECA also found that the overall public passion and balance of harms liked Adidas as smartly.

The injunction used to be issued to forestall Thom Browne from promoting its three-striped trademark merchandise in the US, as smartly as to recall any merchandise that had already been provided in the US that featured the three stripes.


The amended complaint used to be in the end brushed aside in June 2019 on account of a settlement agreement. The settlement agreement used to be a mutual determination between every side to resolve the case out of court.


The Adidas vs. Thom Browne trademark case used to be a carefully followed dispute in the sphere of trademark law. The case used to be in the end settled out of court, with Adidas being granted a preliminary injunction. This case demonstrates the importance of defending trademarks and highlights the vitality of a stable trademark defense.